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We offer a number of packages that are designed for the learner driver, spreading the cost of the lessons or allowing you to budget for the lessons how you want to.  In addition we also have driving sessions for the recently passed new drivers or the more experienced motorists who just want to improve their skills and better use of the road.

Above are summarised the packages for the learner driver and below the packages that are directed towards the drivers who have already passed.

When you make a booking we can discuss the details and answer any questions you may have.

For the learner driver;

  • Book a single one hour lesson for £26.00
  • Block of lessons starting at £220.00.
  • Book an intensive driving course.
  • If you book a single lesson you can still qualify for the introductory offer of 10 lessons for £220.
  • You can further save by buying a second block of 10 lessons for £240.

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For the drivers that hold a full license why not consider one of the refresher or advanced tuition sessions we provide;

  • Night driving
  • Motorway driving
  • Speed Awreness and ECO driving
  • Parking

Refresher courses can be provided to both the passed driver or the learner in some cases.  A refresher course might be right for you if;

  • You have not driven for some time,
  • You have a new job and the driving you need to do now is differen,
  • A change from rural to town or city driving,
  • Never quite mastered a driving skill and maybe need a bit of confidence,
  • You need to drive longer distances,
  • Or you just would like to update your skills.

When completing the booking form make sure you specify any particular area or skill you want to work on.

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Lessons are paid for in advance, or at the lesson itself.

We accept Cash and Cheques.

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Speed & Eco Driving

Comprehensive tuition

Save Money on Fuel & Tyres

Parking Lesson

Passed your test?

Difficulty parallel parking?

Unsure reverse in or drive in?

This is a driving session for you!

Motorway Driving

1 Hour Lesson

Joining and Exiting


Speed Awareness

Night / Day Refresher

2 Hour Session

Past your test a while ago?

Want to build your confidence

This could be for you.