Theory Test

The Theory Test can be sat at various locations and can be booked by clicking on the following link and completing the form and making the appropriate payment.

Locations in this area are Edinburgh, Dundee, Stirling, Pitlochry yet if you want to set it further afield that is totally up to you.

The theory test is made up of two parts, both of which differ according to the type of vehicle licence the candidate is pursuing:

  • Multiple-choice test
  • Hazard perception test

Both parts must be passed in order to obtain a theory test pass certificate. This enables the candidate to book a practical driving test.

Candidates have two years from the date that they passed the first part of their theory test to take their practical test, or they will have to pass both parts of the theory test once again before they can book a practical test.

Multiple-choice test

This part of the theory test is performed on a computer system. The test has 50 multiple choice questions and the candidate must answer at least 43 of them correctly to pass. Each question may have one or more correct answers and this will be indicated in the question. All questions are randomly selected from a bank of just under one thousand on a selection of topics. The test lasts for 57 minutes although candidates with certain special needs can apply for more time.

All 50 questions must be answered.

The test allows 15 minutes practice time at the start of the exam to get used to answering the questions and how to use the system. To answer a question the candidate simply touches their choice of answer from the listed answers on the computer screen. If a mistake is made the candidate can deselect a choice and reselect a different option. The candidate is allowed to go back to a question at any time and can also flag questions they are unsure of in order to find and return to it quickly and easily later.

To pass the test, 43 of the 50 questions (86%) must be answered correctly.

Hazard perception

Candidates watch fourteen one-minute clips filmed from the perspective of a car driver or motorcyclist and have to indicate, usually by clicking a mouse button or touching the screen, when they observe a developing hazard.

The following link takes you to the government website for booking your Theory Test.

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The theory test and practicing for it can be supported by using a combination of learning material such as the traditional Highway Code booklet and other publications, smart phone applications and specialist web sites that guide you through scenarios and hazard awareness simulations.

On this page are some of the learning aids to consider and also associated links.